LittleBlitzer: Chess Tournament Manager

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LittleBlitzer is a free Windows tournament manager program for UCI based chess engines. It was created to enable playing thousands of very fast games using multiple threads for chess engine testing purposes. It creates a PGN file designed to be used by Bayeselo or Elostat to give a final rating for each chess engine. It is useful for both chess programmers and chess testers as you can run tens of thousands of games at fast time controls in a fraction of the time you could with a traditional GUI interface.


Some of the major features:




Download LittleBlitzer 2.74
Includes GUI binary and usage instructions.

Download LittleThought 1.052 64-bit
Includes binary, logo and small opening book.

Download LittleThought 1.052 32-bit
Includes binary, logo and small opening book.

Remi Coulum's Site
His Bayesian Elo rating tool is essential for any chess testing.
Also has a great PGN to EPD converter and many other tools.

Change History

LittleBlitzer v2.74 (06/06/2012)

LittleBlitzer v2.73 (21/05/2012)

LittleBlitzer v2.72 (20/04/2011)

LittleBlitzer v2.71 (10/04/2011)

LittleBlitzer v2.7 (25/03/2011)

LittleBlitzer v2.6 (22/02/2011)

LittleBlitzer v2.5 (10/11/2010)

LittleBlitzer v2.4 (23/08/2010)

LittleBlitzer v2.3 (10/08/2010)

LittleBlitzer v2.2 (04/08/2010)

LittleBlitzer v2.1 (15/03/2010)